In 2010 Italian-born, Los Angeles-based photographic artist Gianluca Galtrucco embarked on a visual journey. From his vantage as a European living in the United States, Galtrucco found he could traverse strange and unlikely paths, that he could bring to the still photograph both the magic of cinema and the absurdity of daily life. He produced four pictorial suites from this journey, including one realized as a book, For Your Consideration. These suites continue to evolve.

In Galtrucco's narratives we recognize our social and political climate in the improbabilities, often nearly invisible, that ironically energize his images. Each suite is notably different in mood and technique from the others, and constitutes a conceptual entirety. But all four groups convey the same message and take the viewer on a similarly dramatic and mysterious ride.

Galtrucco's geographic range concentrates on the Great American West - the backdrop and contemplative landscape to Galtrucco’s world view - with Los Angeles as its center stage. Fittingly, these four galleries honor, adopt, and critique the language of cinema, turning life itself into a movie.


To create a Body-Of-Work is, in a way, to question oneself. To revisit and renew, freeing one's imagination and capturing the mood of our time. - Gianluca Galtrucco