Time Traveler

In his new book of photographs, Gianluca Galtrucco abducts our sensibilities, casting us into a cosmos that ends science. We encounter UFOs, some of them strangely antiquated, others futuristic.
We come across an astronaut eating in a diner or machines and vehicles that fill what could be interplanetary colonies. Time Traveler is full of unlikely scenes that collapse time and space. Some of these scenes Galtrucco has staged, others he has found in reality, but all hover in a gray area of fantasy and disbelief.
What is actual, what is virtual, what is science fact, what is science fiction? Galtrucco’s cinematic approach to photography, with a sly, enchanted whimsy, is apparent on every page.


Winner of a Silver Award at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris.
Tokyo International Foto Awards. Honorable mention.


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