Gianluca Galtrucco embarked on a visual journey. From his vantage as a European living in the United States, Galtrucco found he could traverse strange and unlikely paths, that he could bring to the still photograph both the magic of cinema and the absurdity of daily life. He produced these pictorial galleries including one realized as a book, For Your Consideration.

In Galtrucco's works we recognize our social and political climate in the improbabilities that ironically energize his images. His geographic range concentrates on the Great American West - the backdrop and contemplative landscape to Galtrucco’s world view - with Los Angeles as its center stage.
Fittingly, these galleries honor, adopt and critique the language of cinema, turning life itself into a movie.


Since moving from Milan to Los Angeles in the 1990s Gianluca Galtrucco has added extensively to his experience as a fine art photographer. He also wrote, produced and directed the award-winning short film Blind Spot (2007).

Galtrucco’s artworks have been showcased in numerous venues, including the group show, "New Italian Landscape,” curated by Maria Grazia Torri, which toured throughout Italy in 1999, and “7 Artists Meet,” mounted in 2000 at the Sharjah Art Museum. His one-person exhibition, “Metamorphosis,” curated by Giovanna Zamboni Paulis and Alma Ruiz, was displayed at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles in 2000. He has had solo shows in Milan, Barcelona, and New York. Galtrucco also participated in the Florence Biennale and the MIA Photo Fair in Milan.

His images have appeared in publications including Art in America, Flash Art, Rolling Stone, Wired, Der Spiegel, La Repubblica, Art Forum and Southwest Contemporary.
Galtrucco has produced two books of photography, For Your Consideration (2017) and Time Traveler (2021) both published by Hatje Cantz, Germany.